Initial Store Setup Package

The Stone / Wood new store pack contains a wide representation of the stone and wood collections.  All items are packaged on both cards and also in decorative boxes.


Each pack contains:


  • 4 Genius Necklaces (Brick, Charcoal, Gray, Cocoa)
  • 4 Industria Necklaces (Brick, Charcoal, Gray, Cocoa)
  • 4 Tacon Earring Sets (Brick, Charcoal, Gray, Cocoa)
  • 4 Cuarteles Cufflink Sets (Brick, Charcoal, Gray, Cocoa)
  • 1 Spalted Maple Necklace
  • 1 Spalted Maple Earrings
  • 2 mixed color necklaces (can vary in color)
  • 2 printed collection necklaces (can vary in color)